Electron Microscope Images

Electron micrograph of a squid’s suckers. The white fang-like rings are approximately 400 micrometres in diameter and are used by the squid to latch on to prey.

Apparently forget-me-not pollen grains are among the smallest of any plant species.

Best microscope photographs of 2012

These incredible microscope photographs are some of the winners of Olympus Bioscapes Digital Imaging Competition. The contest consisted of almost 2,000 photographs hailing from 62 countries. Each image is stunning in its own way, and it just goes to show that sometimes the smallest things can be the most fascinating.

Pollen, seeds and fruit under the microscope

If you’re a photographer and you like to get really, really close to things we may have found you someone new to aspire to. British professor and photographer Rob Kesseler is taking macro to a whole new level with his latest series of photographs that look at nature under a microscope. 
The specimens are coated in a fine layer of gold and then photographed under the microscope, before being digitally manipulated to amplify clarity and intricacy. The final results are pollen, seeds and fruit as you’ve never seen them before – harmoniously bridging the gap between art and science.

Marigold reflected quarter section, section taken by an electron microscope-Robert Kessler.
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